The Birth of “Hammer Horror”

How The Revenge of Frankenstein changed the course for Hammer

The Birth of Hammer Horror is a 45 minute-long documentary that digs deep into Hammer’s first Gothic horror sequel, The Revenge of Frankenstein, which changed the course for the company, and gave birth to the “Hammer Horror” brand. The documentary features new exclusive interview footage with filmmaker Joe Dante, and film historians who specialize in Gothic horror.


Featuring: Gavin Baddeley, Joe Dante, Kat Ellinger, Steve Haberman, Dr. David Huckvale, Constantine Nasr

Directed and Edited by Dima Ballin
Scenario by Kat Ellinger
Produced by Dima Ballin and Kat Ellinger
Associate Producers Volker Lange, Bernd Reichert, Ivo Scheloske
Interviews Conducted and Filmed by Constantine Nasr, Jon Robertson

Duration: 46:25
Color, 1080p HD Widescreen (1.77:1)
DTS HD Master Audio
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